Thursday 24 November 2022

Ishita Shreshtha, Poetry 2022 Longlist

A Prisoner of Nature and Time

I like the sound of music.

It fills me with joy 

like a Sunday nap

or a free goodie

a broken heart that's starting to heal;

a happy boy

no more afraid

of his father

who breaks his bones for no reason (i gather) 

but to please

his bruised ego.

I like the sound of the river.

It fills me with hope

that life will not stop 

unlike my little heart, 

it stops beating

whenever you go

away from me.

I like the sound of the breeze. 

It fills me with passion

like the tourist in the cafe

watching the Eiffel tower from the window

eating his croissant

like the girl who just earned

her first salary

only to buy medicines and ration

for her granny.

I like the sound of laughter

of a little child swinging in the air 

feeling free and yet secured; 

of a lovely couple laughing 

at a stupid joke;

of the old me

who once enjoyed life to the fullest.

I like the sound of footsteps, 

like there's someone in the house;

my mom cooking me breakfast, 

dad looking for the naughty mouse

or my granny just chirping around.

I liked these sounds 

I liked them well.

but now I sit around

in this damp, dark cell-

no light, no sound, 

no granny to chirp around 

I don't think I like it very well.

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