Wednesday 15 July 2015

55 Fiction 2015 Winners & Featured Writers

First Prize

Featured Writers

Round and round goes the black carpenter ant, around the wax candle; its flame flickering wildly in the whistling night wind. I flick it away but it stubbornly returns and resumes its ritual. A drop of hot wax drips curling the ant into eternal sleep. A suicide bombing report in the newspaper below.
- Yesha Shah
Since the day he lost her in the dreadful fire accident, he has become aloof and lonely.
It is her birthday. In his dingy room, sitting on her favourite rocking chair, with his faithful bottle on one side and an old movie projector on the other, he dances his last waltz over and over again.
Jayashree Maniyil
We play a little game every day, Maya and I.
I cook rice with sand, and make a dish of Tulsi leaves. I then call out to her.
She does not appear, until later in the evening, after I sleep.
But that is fine.
I can wait, until one of us forgets she is dead.
- Vidya Panicker
He cheated on her for someone else the entire life. Today, when she decided to cheat him for someone else, he couldnt even embrace death, for death was her secret lover.
Ambika Prasad Mahapatra

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