Tuesday 15 May 2018

Haiku 2018 Longlist

Haiku Winners & Featured Writers
Vandana Parashar      Aditi Mahajan      Bindu Saxena           Debjeet Mukherjee     Divya Garg       Anila Mathew Vivek        Jagari Mukherjee      Javeria Kausar      Likha George              Shivani Dua            Shloka Shankar    Shobhana Kumar             Vaidyanathapuram Shankar     Drishti Nagdeo

forest retreat
the brook in step
with wren’s song

Vandana Parashar

Moonlit night
Horns singing, starry headlights
Lovers crash

Aditi Mahajan

I smelt the flowers
Licked what butterfly had to
What else would I do?

Bindu Saxena

Middle of nowhere;
Few red flowers and green thorns,
Not rose but cactus!

Debjeet Mukherjee

Smiles in old age
Enclosing tiny finger
Rechargeable life

Divya Garg

But will the rose tints
Be scraped away like fish scales
Reliving heartache

Anila Mathew Vivek

Sapphire butterflies
like memories in a jar
color the skies blue

Jagari Mukherjee

Calm, tranquil water
with bodies in its belly-
Engulfing mirror

Javeria Kausar

Katua Baby
Motley demons straggle her
Violated and bashed to death
Baby, I cry hoarse for thee.

Likha George

Pangs of grief gripping tight,
Tears bring relief

Shivani Dua

en plein air the redness of birdsong

Shloka Shankar

moon craters our fights like a sickle

Shobhana Kumar
The martyr sees self
Lying still, covered with wreaths,
Guns booming salute.

Vaidyanathapuram Shankar

Like tea,
The moon soothes me; like the sea,
It moves the poet inside me.

Drishti Nagdeo

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