Monday 21 October 2019

Contest 2019 Results

Poetry Short Story Haiku

First Prize First Prize First Prize
Pitambar Naik Anila Mathew Vandana Parashar

Second Prize Second Prize Second Prize
Jagari Mukherjee Geralyn Pinto George Swaim

Third Prize Third Prize Third Prize
Nivedita Narsapuram Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan Aftab Yusuf Shaikh

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Shortlist Shortlist Shortlist

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Drabble Short Fiction

First Prize First Prize
Samarth Sadhu Arkadeep Sengupta

Second Prize Second Prize
Aftab Yusuf Shaikh Shivani Dua

Third Prize Third Prize
Gitanjali Maria Sudha Viswanathan

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Shortlist Shortlist

Longlist Longlist

October 20, 2019
Poetry Winners & Featured Writers

September 30, 2019.
Short Story Winners & Featured Writers

September 20, 2019
Short Story Shortlist 

September 15, 2019
Poetry Shortlist

August 15, 2019
Poetry -  Longlist
Short Story -Longlist

Haiku Winners & Featured Writers
Drabble Winners & Featured Writers
Short Fiction Winners & Featured Writers

Haiku Shortlist
Drabble Shortlist
Short Fiction 200-300 Words Shortlist

Haiku Longlist
Drabble Longlist
Short Fiction Longlist


  1. Thank you for the results! Waiting for the other contests now!

  2. My Short fiction has been featured in the long list. Title 'They taught me generosity' but my name is not in the list of people selected in the long list

    1. We apologise for the issue. The same has been fixed.

  3. When will the poetry be short listed?

  4. The short story short list was expected yesterday. However I cannot spot it.

  5. Hi,
    Are we done with short story shortlist...

    Have I missed anything??

  6. Hello, the short fiction shortlist announcement link is not working.