Sunday 30 July 2017

Haiku 2017 Winners & Featured Writers

First Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize
Shloka Shankar
Vandana Parashar
Nimi Arora

Featured Writers

Aditi Mahajan
Akshi Sood
Dr Diwakar Pokhriyal
Amrit Sinha


Anusha Das
V Subhadra
Kamalika Ray
Anila Vivek
Divya Garg
Manisha Mahalingam
Melvin Thomas

Somayajulu Musunuri
Aditi Mahajan
winter night
susurrus of the naked wind
a secret revelation
Akshi Sood Back to Top
Hope, they say, did wonders!
But no one ever mentioned
Ashes, the pixie dust.
Sky And Waves by Amrit Sinha Back to Top

pebbles on pebbles
and the sky leaning on waves
I learn to balance
Anusha Das Back to Top
stitched red handkerchief
she searched among her new clothes
last gift from Granny
Divya Garg Back to Top

Having transfixed gaze
Focusing it hard on time
Missed target, mocked life

Dr Diwakar Pokhriyal
Scorching summer spills,
Cheerful Rainbow craft desires
Anila M Vivek Back to Top

To return to the,
Ceaseless love and protection,
Of visible gods
Kamalika Ray Back to Top
Might just rain today
We are waiting and how
A year since we bathed.
Melvin Thomas Back to Top I love being a girl
And to fly high like a bird
In my lovely home

Manisha Mahalingam Back to Top
If I were Atlas,
I would make a difference,
I’d set the sky down.
Shloka Shankar Back to Top
the way
you push my buttons
Somayajulu Musunuri
Summer day
Rainbow in my daughter's eyes
V Subhadra
A newly bloomed rose
   stays fresh and red a long time
   on the plant it chose
Vandana Parashar
the distant tree line
half moon hovering above
secret admirer
Nimi Arora Back to Top

Melody of flute
familiarity lingers
as Bamboos sway

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