Wednesday 15 May 2019

Haiku 2019 Longlist

Arkadeep Sengupta        Aftab Yusuf Shaikh      Anahita Bharucha      Geetanjali Maria                 Mridula Dua        Kaustubh Hiremath       Rohan Sidhamani      George Swaim                           Meghana Acharya         Shivani Dua      Sharmistha Bishnoi     Suchit Gada                         Theresa Fernandes         Tina Sishtikar     Ritika Sidhwani        Klara Larsson                  Vandana Parashar                Yudi Gupta               Zainab Inamdar     Anu Chopra     Bindu Saxena

Sister of my heart
Freedom resides in her soul
Caged in a marriage
Arkadeep Sengupta

held drop of water
in the beak of a swallow
this vague world you love
Aftab Yusuf Shaikh 
Time patiently breaking
b r a i n  c e l l s
                ubuntu seeping
Anahita Bharucha

The sun burnt fiercely
Flowers died, the earth cracked up
Taking all along
Geetanjali Maria 

Being called LGBT and eyed with disgust
she was searching for humans
in the world of XX and XY

Mridula Dua

Always down
the rabbit hole
- not the beaten path
Kautubh Hiremath

Train of thoughts
Filthy - Loud - Disarrayed
Like Mumbai's Railtracks
Rohan Sidhamani

passive, dull, office politics
wearing down
Changez Khan
George Swaim

they called it
when her melanin lit up
Meghana Acharya

Ups and downs,
             serpentine roads
 Path to success.
Shivani Dua 

Layers and contours
Instagram Hearts
For the stranger in the mirror
Sharmistha Bishnoi

Forget rain showers
she enjoyed 
the spray of bleach
Suchit Gada

Downpour on the Sea Link
turning grey to green
the city's skyline
Theresa Fernandes

Tina Sishtikar
Words broken- - -
appear on skin
as blemish and wrinkles

Ritika Sidhwani
thoughts fly and coo
like pigeons
in the city chaos

Klara Larsson
Social Media
Freyja's brushes and plumes

teach me
how to be brave
__sprouting grass
Vandana Parashar 

Reckless stream
of pictures
in stranger's hands
Yudi Gupta

The iron snake 
twirled - waking up 
the concrete jungle
Zainab Inamdar

How did weave words
so delicately
when we tangled emotions
Anu Chopra

Bindu Saxena
Ugliness belongs to the crowd.
Only those are beautiful who resemble themselves.
Style thy name is woman.


  1. The haikus are getting better each year... Kudos to the selected writers!

  2. Good haikus by Anahita Bharucha, Vandana Parashar, and Tina Sistikar. Though there are some that are more than 17 syllables?