Thursday 24 November 2022

Vinita Gera, Poetry 2022 Longlist

 The Last Poem 

The longing memory of the man

I irrevocably love/

beholds me wherever I go,

every street is a strap

every alley hides a ghost that

spangs at me like a jumping jack

I whimper, hold me.

Hold me one last time before I

lie in the bedroom and

wake up every morning with

curtains drawn and nothingness washing over me

like a lethargic wave

Hold me one last time before I

die and dive through the earth,

like a mermaid of the soil

to be next to your bones

Hold me one last time before I

leave the city

lie down crawling my way to the edge

lean over the abyss

and become the last poem in the world

Hold me one last time

or read me, written as the last poem in the world

I am leaving the city before

the city leaves me

Hold me, hold me one last time.

Bio: Short Bio:

Vinita is a creative writer, her unique flair for writing reveals a mind, and is persuasively poetic. The invincibly capable finds peace in her solitude and coffee. Imperfections fascinate her. Uncertainties she embraces. The eternal seeker within the human condition is constantly on a discovery unveiled through her writing. Self-acceptance, her trademark, is so refreshingly robust that oftentimes leaves people with whoops of admiration for her freedom of thought. Using her stumbling block as a stepping stone is what sets her as a prime example of grace under pressure.

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