Wednesday 25 October 2023

Poetry 2023 Shortlist, Preetha Vasan

“CAA , 2020”

Tomorrow being Holi 

let’s play with blood,


 we died 

our colours pale ,

after bleeding 

everything we had:

Mixed up purple,

some women's day 


Not to mention

that turquoise blue 

we got on a 


when we mixed 

your yellow and my blue

hoping to paint 

skies we rainbow across

 on a canvas

old and fresh.

That was another Holi

of colours 

mixed up 

on  terraces ,

when I danced


with something sweet,


between colours , milk

and water

we never had enough

to wash out 

all our mixed colours.

This Holi 


has no mixed colours

just blood 

crusting between 

my fingers 

I will wipe 


in a headiness

of another kind

then claim my 

purity milk white.

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