Wednesday 25 October 2023

Poetry 2023 Featured Poet, Indrani Saha

Girl Called Greta

You know the foundations are fragile

When teenagers are the greatest threat

To the regime you built on fear and lies

With conniving men and silent gods as allies

Your pride bruises as easily as a woman’s skin

You used your vested interests to define sin.

Let it be known to the ones who claim

To convey god’s sentences and teach girls shame:

There is but one thing worse than the wrath of God

That is a woman’s rage

It’s a hellfire that can’t be doused

Deadlier than the wars mortals wage.

Centuries of oppression unearthed by a spark

A brutal killing and now your empire’s falling apart,

Your loud commands subdued to nothing

By the shrill screams of clamoring teens

You, a wounded eagle cornered by a murder of crows

The gods go into hiding, the unrest grows.

The blood of feminine rage refuses to still

You adopt your real religion: to silence, to kill

You stoop low enough

To run lawnmowers over flower buds

Does your god consider it fair play:

A battle between grown men and teenage girls?

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