Sunday 15 August 2021

Vrinda Chaturvedi, Poetry 2021 Magazine


Courage carved into your bones,

They feared your strength.

The crowns you own,

Don’t define your depth.

You’ve walked a cobbled street,

And then run down a thorny path.

Not every fall is a defeat,

You are the fire and nothing survives your wrath.

Through it all, be you,

Fight the autumn, bloom through.

The sun must set to give way to the moon,

But zenith always surpasses-yours is the noon.

Sunlight bouncing off chimes,

You are a visitor of times.

You are the sky, you are the star,

You are the galaxy afar.

You are made of stardust, 

You are an assortment of love and lust,

And that’s where you return.

Like a timeless traveller of yearn.


Sipping poetry and spinning dreams,

Dim lights and loud screams,

Head turning about heart’s axis,

Aren’t you just heaven’s parapraxis?

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