Sunday 15 August 2021

Samiullah Mohammed, Poetry 2021 Magazine


Take a pill if you’ve got a chill

And pay your bills to your doctor

But don’t you dare to take good care

Of your health and drink a lot of water

Drink instead a diet coke

A can of pepsi, and then you smoke

A pack of cigarettes ‘cause its cool

If anyone stops you, they are a fool

Spend your money and do not save

The word is to invest in some shares

Want to party with your friends, real hard

Put all your bills on a credit card

You won’t have money, please take a loan

There’s no other way you can build your home

Why pay the rent when you can

Co-own a house with your bank

You work very hard in the graveyard shift

There’s no other way if you quit

Do you really think you can cut loose?

You don’t know son, but, your head’s in our noose

So, keep working until you are sixty

And then wait for society to make you feel un-worthy

When all your loans are paid, your insurance cleared

We’ll leave you to be the person you once feared

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