Sunday 15 August 2021

Jignasa Parikh, Poetry 2021 Magazine

The Lonely Witch and the Talentless King

Once upon a time, in a land of few,
Lied a small kingdom amidst the mountains blue.
There lived a lonely witch who held grudges so close to her heart
That digging ditches for people became her art.
The kingdom also sadly had a king, who unfortunately thought had a talent to sing.
But the moment the king opened his mouth, all one could hear was him shout.
There came a day when the witch thought, she would seek the revenge she sought,
From her humble neighbors who lived a life that only good education could have bought.
Taking the weapon of mass destruction in her hand, she began conspiring a wicked stand.
She spun a web of venomous lies that held water only in the talentless king’s eyes.
The talentless king felt like a hero, thinking he was solving the witch’s woes to zero.
This was the only time the king felt alive, when him and the witch together jived.
The lonely witch attacked with all her might, with the talentless king by her side.
The neighbors stunned at the sudden attack, held their head up high and their dignity intact.
All would have come to an end except it didn’t, for the neighbors were mothers of innocent children.
The faces of their little kin were lit with fright and sadness from eyes to chin,
The mothers who wore a mask of brave, broke down at the sight brought upon by the two knaves.
They raged in anger and cursed with a mother’s plight,
For the lonely witch to forever be lonely and the talentless king to be so only.

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