Sunday 15 August 2021

Shweta Aggarwal, Poetry 2021 Magazine

Buddha As I Know

The Buddha helped me savor the taste of life,

Discerning intricacies of birth, ageing, illness and death and even life after life.

The illness of my loved one, made me decline towards hopelessness and misery,

The Buddha steered me out and embarked me onto a course of happiness and victory.

Harsh times delude us and the coldness of winter induces pessimism,

But, ‘winter always turns to spring’, pledges the Buddha and buttresses optimism.

It’s human to lament each time the cruel winds of adversity blow,

It’s Buddha’s determination that makes the wind a tailwind and increase the energy flow.

All of us fear death, hoping it to be far off in the future, and regard it something unpleasant,

The Diashonin beautifully explains that it’s “death” that makes us “treasure the present”. 

We are the script writers and protagonist of our own triumphant dramas,

Create a happy scene through the ‘wonderful working of one’s mind’ and build an ideal diorama.  

The path up the hill of life is not a straight line, with curves and corners to test and finally be upbeat,

“Prayer”, the Buddha says, prevents us from being arrogant in victory and devastated in defeat.

 Diamonds too needs to experience intense heat and pressure to possess unmatched brilliance,

Similarly the hardships and adversity of life are like buffs to make us sparkle with radiance. 

How wonderful it is to ignite hope in the most hopeless circumstances says this philosophy,

Burning sufferings as “fuel” to generate “light and energy” of happiness is the theosophy.

Never can poison be liked by ordinary men never can sufferings be welcomed with keenness,

BUDDHA is the physician who changes “poison into medicine” and “sufferings into happiness”.


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