Sunday 15 August 2021

Muhammad Qaiyum Rizvon, Poetry 2021 Magazine

A Note of Love

On the moist lips of a fragrant rose,

I found her in a precarious state;

Shivers ran through her lithe frame

An icy chill and the hesitant drops

Of rain drenched her muslin robe.

She was fragile, I thought she’d freeze!

The dreadful thought was stunning to me.

My hand reached out to her loving heart.

She rose like fragrance n’ flew to my palm:

A fairy, an angel, a presence beyond words.

High above a rainbow of loving thoughts

She filled my heart and mind with light.

If only I could paint her beauty in words

I’ll find the image is all yours, my love!

Wherever I am, I’ve eyes only for you.!

And with grace and in joy, the pages filled

With these poems of hope I wrote for you.

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