Thursday 15 August 2019

Swetha Sadanand, Poetry 2019 Shortlist

A Tree

If ever I am to have another life
Make me a tree
Under the shady canopy of which
Can be woven an occasional impossible dream
Make me a tree
Whose sturdy branches may bear
The weight of all the little kids who dared
To climb before tasting despair, oh so debonair
Make me a tree that witnesses
The lovers’ first kiss underneath
Before distance tears apart
And virgin feelings deplete
Make me a tree so mighty
That it withstands the test of times
And the cruelty supposed to save humanity
Make me a tree with large green leaves
Blooming with flowers, forming a summer dream
Make me a tree that's worthy
To be made eternal by poetry
If I am ever to have another life
Please do hurry
And make me a majestic tree

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