Thursday 15 August 2019

Debasis Tripathy, Poetry 2019 Shortlist

Shades of Pink

I pause by the window and lift the curtains
so I may see pink trumpet flowers bloom
like a cotton-candy street-vendor carrying
pouches of pink stuck on a large stick.

I wait for this time of the day when
the air is relaxed like my pink grandmother 
taking a siesta and me cuddled next to her.
I think of the times when she was alive.         

Day after day, I notice the flowers lose
their brightness under the spring sun
like the drapes that hang by this window
fading little by little, after every wash.

I don't exactly feel anything - sad or happy,
rather I somehow erase this afternoon hour
of nothingness from the day. I draw the curtains
back on the window and wait for the next day

to orchestrate life to a new shade of pink.

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