Thursday 15 August 2019

Langsuanpao Seldou, Poetry 2019 Shortlist


She's sunkissed flowers and morning dew,
Adorned in sunshine's golden rays too
She's April blossoms and rain in June,
A melody to which the heart's attuned

She's rainy days and a cup o' tea,
Blanketed in hopeful warmth and felicity
She's all the colours of the dawn,
Washed in deep crimson to greet the morn.

She's fire hearth and glowing embers,
Through long cold nights and lonely winters
She's a shapely manifestation of song,
A soulful harmony the spirit yearned for all along

She's balladry and poetry in motion,
Ebbing and flowing to the tides of emotion
She's a pleasant dream made real,
One with which the heart's set, and whose fate's sealed.

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