Thursday 15 August 2019

Mridula Dua, Poetry 2019, Shortlist

There Is Always A Story

In a world running after destination
It's rare to appreciate each station
In the history behind every start
In the halt behind every apart
There's always a story
If only we read. If only...

As I raced through life 'Get set go'
Trying to put up a blockbuster show
I forgot where I was headed to
I forgot where I had made through
I forgot that there's always a story
If only we read. If only...

I was going through my day
Being salty and not so gay
When I met a nine year old girl
With her curved lips suppressing a giggle
Her eyes held a story
That I was willing to read. If only...

With no bend in her spine but one in her knee
She couldn't run like me
Still she travelled through each day with grace
Making through the journey at her unique pace
Truly, it was more than just a story
And I was reading it. If only...

She travelled through life without a safeguard
Giving a fresh edge to the Canvas of Art
Not crying over the hurdles
Instead laughing her way through the puddles
It was her story and now mine too
And I was living it. If only...

So next time, you get stuck in the travel of life
Remind yourself of her perseverance to thrive
Cherish the gifts you take for granted
Sing and dance through the dark and haunted
Now gear up and get your glory
Because there's always a story. 
If only we read. If only...

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