Thursday 15 August 2019

Rashi Goel, Poetry 2019 Shortlist

Album Of Hearts

From the day we first met and greeted each other,
Till date all movie dates, Valentine's, birthdays, anniversaries one after another,
I do remember our families reluctant to get us married,
Both born on 29th February our moms always worried,
Somehow we persuaded them and our love won,
We tied knot on Valentine's Day and so became one,
The way we played treasure hunt,
One week before for you and one week after for me blunt,
Searching for hidden gifts our faces got surprised,
Create memories and have fun my mom always advised,
Having blessed with a beautiful Angel we felt our life complete,
Her entry in our lives bought our childhood retreat,
Her first word, first move, first step, first school,
She loved to try and click from warm to wool,
Her school farewell, college parties, her prizes and awards,
Every time she gave us a memory in the form of rewards,
Her engagement, wedding, celebrations to cherish,
Let me open up a little more before your memory perish,
Let me try my best to portrait you come what may,
I never thought I would unfurl my 'Album of Hearts' this remorseful way,
Sitting beside you in hospital bed, turning one by one,
Not mere pages but our life, success, accomplishment, all fun,
My partner, my love, I won't let you leave me alone in this world,
With this keepsake may your Alzheimer's for you just be a word.

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