Thursday 15 August 2019

Vineeta Gejji, Poetry 2019 Shortlist

Mother Without A Womb
Born as neither this nor that
An entity with no identity
Ignored by parents
Shunned by society
Nevertheless grew up
There was a constant struggle
Between the inner self and the outer image
Society identifies only black or white
There is no place for grey
Peers mocked and jeered
Public passed derogatory remarks
Family disowned me for my ambiguity
Hospitals, washrooms, reservations, none identified me
The nagging question was of what use was i
Then one day…
A tiny hand touched me
An orphaned girl in search of a mother
Something stirred within me
She had touched a chord
Which no one had
Could I be a mother?
Her imploring eyes seemed to say
A mother has no gender
Motherhood is not attached to a womb
I picked up her frail body
And said to myself
This is the role you were born for
A womb less mother.

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