Thursday 15 August 2019

Marium Mishra, Poetry 2019 Shortlist


O man, thy beingness,
On cosmos is ceased
Tegument incinerated,
Pupils bulging in grief.
Mantras cantillated,
Aloof your soul is,
In “wanders” and “wonders”, It is yet not freed.
On eschaton, thee to seek,
Encumbered are thy desires,
But ethereality has offcut,
All humanly bliss that could flick!
It's an end and an acquiescence merged.
In verge of “Moksha Prapti
Glance, no soul is deterred.
Satkriti (good action), tyaga( sacrifice) lokahita (social concern)
Almighty counts all thee did
But not to surpass the SATYA (truth)
A deed in disdainful spirit is greed
Thee, but a piece, world an assemblage
Of all that's done is karma (deed)

And sat karma (good deeds) brings benevolence
Dushkarma (wrong deeds) destructs
Moksha in no thirtha (pilgrimage), thee can resilience
And actions are hindered in truth of purpose
All apart, thee still a soul on survivability
Of thy body is cremated,
Nature is to portray thy birth
With that you did shed is the way, next you live!

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