Thursday 15 August 2019

Diwakar Pokhriyal, Poetry 2019 Shortlist


A drop says to an ocean,
You are a million me,
Never overshadow the soul,
Just let it sail, free,

One moment in our life,
Can change the whole game,
Every single effort counts,
You cannot become lame,

Look at the sky so bright,
Inspiring to touch the heights,
Success and Failures are identical,
Never back down from frights,

Every single day brings hope,
Like blossoming flowers,
The passionate thoughts,
Give heart pure powers,

So, stand up and deliver,
With all of your ability,
Enjoy the path you choose,
Always keeps alive the humility,

You can be you Picasso,
You can be your hero,
Just behave every morning,
As if you are beginning from zero.

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