Saturday 15 September 2018

Poetry 2018 Longlist, Rajat Tiwari

What do I write for?

What do I write for?
For the soldiers of my sanity
Who’ve run amok like wandering ghosts on a pathless pursuit?
For the suturing of cerebral wounds
excavating of the endless truths?
Truths? There are several, one yours and others mine. Do I write to entertain it? Escape it? Forget it or remind?
What do I write for?
Do I stand for all your dots time couldn’t really connect at all in the end
Or do I embody the words you never spoke, those messages you wrote, but never could send?
For the stories in you, the ages outgrow
For the person in you they’ll never get to know
What do I write for?
For the molten candles laying bare by the Indiagate
Yet to see the light of day,
Homeless screams in Syrian alleys
And the slaughtered humans of beef-ban
With their corpses cursing with ironical acche-din comebacks
And the night she left home and never came back
What do I write for?

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