Saturday 15 September 2018

Poetry 2018 Longlist, Raj Sahu

A Mathematical Rhapsody

I doubt; can I live long rather?
As we both are parallel lines, which do not meet each other.
To understand you is a task very hard;
Before that, the problems of Mensuration I will regard.
An expression of your face frequently deviates,
That the comprehension of sine and cosine alleviates.
Our only meeting of love made me disappoint.
It was like a tangent that meets a circle only at one point.
I promised you there that all your expenses I will afford.
As I am the diameter of my family circle, which is the longest chord.
My love towards you will truly suit.
It is a quadratic equation of real root.
In your friend circle, I was too your friend.
But I was like an Arithmetic Progression’s term of the end.
Your deception makes me full of sorrow,
My life becomes as a cylinder hollow.
In your love, I myself dangle.
I act as an unknown value of an angle.
In your life, I am a kind of obstruction.
It seems to me that I am an endless construction.

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