Saturday 15 September 2018

Poetry 2018 Longlist, Prajakta Chaudhari

Beautiful Night 

As I stand here gazing out of the window,
The moon light filled my room with white glow.
A faint chill of wind,
Sets my mind free and past unwind.
White fronds of head high grasses sway,
I soak myself in the calming impact of sun’s deflected ray.
I see dark clouds hanging above,
In the calm of night, when all creatures make love.
Shimmering moon is always an inspiration to human kind,
Pure and innocent you, always invokes musings in my mind.
My soul is wandering like a bird in the sky,
The only one unchanging thing is I.
Every moment is so refreshing and peace,
And for a while my sorrows also cease.
A puff of wind swept across me,
Swept the low hanging clouds far across the sea.
Shy moon playing hide and seek with nimbus,
Throughout the night, making romantic sight thus.
While I am in this state of mind there is no time like the present,
Moon now waned to a slim crescent.
The vast inky sky stretched out for infinity,
I being conscious of eternal nature, feeling the boundless serenity.
In the eerie darkness of night,
Silhouette of horned owl on tree filled me with fright.
Seems like the sky would swallow me up whole,
At the same time it could hold me and whisper words of comfort to my soul.
Rustling of leaves and swaying of trees,
It continued till the dawn broke upon those mingled seas.
On the edge of this heaven born starlight,
It was beautiful starry night.
Keeping stress and fears at bay,
It was indeed more coloured than day.

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