Saturday 15 September 2018

Poetry 2018 Longlist, Priti Dipa Jena

Tidal Love 

Tide! Oh tide Cease and circumspicere!
Disdaining my warnings, you eloped away.
Vast as infinitive, proud as the divinity;
the sea cajoled umpteen tides alike;
coerced into raising the colossal sea of resilience.
Amidst the time of tides, low and high
dived the love into the unfathomable sea,
touched the bed and returned to the shore
being witnessed by the eternal Sun.
One by one did the dead remnants of love
hit back all exploited and defeated,
to the shore, at my feet, the existence melted.
Winding up for far away
the sea attained a victorious exit.
The Sun to witness its another treachery
and my worn out tide to face its destiny.

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