Saturday 15 September 2018

Poetry 2018 Longlist, Laxmi Rane


I am a curve,
But you could bend me,
Color me, shape me,
Into anything your heart desires,

I’m just a curve,
What a twisted one,
I can be,
Tempting you twenty four seven,

Such a merciless one,
Turns you on,
Torments you,
Dressed or undressed,

Curves got no race, no religion,
When they tempt,
Curves, just a bunch of unknown lines,
Cajoling your inner beast to arise,

May be that’s why,
I’ve got laws in a twist,
Governments confused,
Education dumbed down,

Curves can’t exist,
Large, slim, colored or minority,
Our fate hangs in greys,
Curves only tempt.

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