Friday 15 September 2017

Short Story 2017 Longlist Happy Kumar

Fight For Bread

Both of them were fighting with each other as if they were enemies for years. Their faces looked stiff and stern, not ready to spare one another. It seemed like their fight of survival, a struggle for dominance and it could be related by one with Darwin's "Survival of Fittest" theory.
They were sitting beside a construction site quarrelling with each other whole day long. Though the site was very busy but it was really surprising that none noticed them fighting and all were busy in their own business as if it was a daily stuff for them to watch them quarrel...

"I won't spare you today," said one of them and added, "You will lose the battle yet again."
(He said as if they used to put up a fight everyday and he emerged victorious most of the time)
The other one gave him a gray look and nodded his head, he was well-prepared that day. They started to fight but still none tried to stop them. Not even anyone noticed them.
They were quarrelling in a corner . Even if anyone saw them , just gave a sarcastic smile and a thumbs up. The Sun climbed to the top and showered harsh rays making them sweat but couldn't shatter their zeal. They were panting and sweating throughout their body but it made them more determined...

Finally the day was over.
He received three hundred rupees note along with a shabby fifty rupee . He kissed it and gave a smile of victory and satisfaction to the heap of stones lying beside with which he quarrelled for the whole day to break them to pieces. It was more precious battle for him than "Battles of Haldighati or Panipat", more satisfying than Indo-Pak wars.

He was feeling guilty because to earn bread for his family , he had to break someone's heart into pieces. But it was not his choice but necessary for his livelihood. People these days are busy in more devastating works by choice with no compulsions.

His hard work had paid finally..... Did it really pay?
Did he get the justified amount for his whole day long work or he was deprived of his rights?
It's high time to take corrective measures to curb such oppresion even after 70 years of Independence.

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