Friday 15 September 2017

Short Story 2017 Shortlist Hansika Ringe

Shooting Starts

That empty void was expanding day by day with sprouting base fewer misunderstandings in her present relationship. Madhu had already maintained a safe distance which indicated that she did want to resolve them. Since then, every day became a mirror image of the other.  That winter evening was no different; after last-minute submission of assignments, her droopy red blood eyes closed as soon as lying on the bed present just near the door of the balcony. Slowly, she drifts into bitter and hurting memories of the past arguments with her boyfriend, Rahul. Madhu comforts herself by reminding that, ‘everything will be all right.' She reaches for her phone and starts to check messages and calls.
It was already dark outside, and the roads were appearing and disappearing with thick fog and with the high cold wind making whistling sound along with rattling of tree branches.

Meanwhile, Akhil obsessed with political happenings in the nations. He cannot stop himself from watching more videos on You tube. It was nearly dinner time; he was staring at outside his room’s window into the seamless field of dead yellow long grass. His heart wondered what special at this period of an hour was being made at his home. Just then his phone rings, he frowns upon to look at the name…… (Madhu calling). For few minutes the phone keeps ringing, and the frown suddenly changes to a happy smile.

Madhu deliberately made the decision to call Akhil was liable to be judged by the people around. Ideally, she should be calling her boyfriend whom she was ignoring to very next level. However, she went with the perspective of what harm in having dinner with him?. On the contrary; it may help in getting rid of baggage. Sometimes, it is so easy to talk it out with stranger of without getting the feeling of hesitance of being judged.

At the dinner, Madhu just realized that she did not have a hearty laugh from past few weeks. She experienced an instant attraction towards this boy. She knew him as a classmate, but for the first time, she caught notice of this other aspect. Everyone goes through the phase where he or she becomes a pure escapist and wants to enter the world where we can reveal our true self. Akhil and Madhu somewhere knew that being together will not last long and reality will poke. Despite the fact, Madhu had firmly made her mind and boldly asked him to go for a walk. There was a huge possibility of getting rejected or judged or something unseen. At once, unexpectedly, Akhil accepted the offer.

Well, it cannot be denied that Madhu had her charms which led to gradually reciprocation of feelings from Akhil’s side. They kept on chatting till the last call for the closing mess was audible. They gathered their warm clothes and started walking to a destination. Both of them took a special care of walking at a safe distance, so that their names do not blink on the top charts of hot gossip. As soon as they reach the entrance of woods, the distance between them slowly becomes nil. Both Madhu and Akhil look back and laughs at the norm following society that what will you do now?

The road is dead silent and with occasion hooting of owls. They kept talking twice loudly to hush their screaming inner voices, which said that, “it is wrong and danger ahead”. As they leave the footpath which led further into woods, The path became uneven and full of rocks. It is a matter of time that they have already got hold of each other’s hand. Simultaneously, they are shivering with fear which instilled by the norms and values.  They finally find the place from where they can see the whole galaxies of stars and planets.

Nearly midnight, they became even closer than before. That night was no ordinary, with moonlight shining on the stars above could see the sparks in the eyes of known strangers. Akhil’s hand was now on the shoulder of Madhu who shy away with a smile.
Together they decided to talk about the secrets that they have not mentioned to anyone. For next few minutes, they keep bombarding each other with mysterious and shocking secrets. Suddenly Madhu’s sees two or three shooting stars. They had orange and blue blazes. It was mesmerizing sight and making a romantic night. They get and hug each other so tightly as if it was for forever, but it seems that forever does not exist.

Soon it is just like a fairy tale as soon as the come to the end of woods. It became routine, and they agree upon to forget about the time spent and never going there ‘together.'  Once she came back to the room and retrospect on it. Madhu digs into the arena of morality which made her think about that she cannot run away from a relationship which has hit bottom. Although she can find temporary solance in the small fantasy meetings but does not prefers that way. Ultimately, Madhu’s little detouring led her to find the right direction in her life.

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