Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist, Shivani Dua

To put up a smile

How difficult it is to put up a smile!
When griefs and sorrows keep on dropping in a pile,
When eyes well up in tears
Who likes to hear the advice of seers?
We twist and turn, writhe and burn
Burn in the glowing embers of pain
Waiting for some miracle- a drop of rain,
We forget to smile, even for a while
To be happy or not to be is totally our choice,
There are people, amidst griefs who dare to rejoice
They are armed with power to turn negativity to positivity,
They are normal human beings not super power or a deity,
So what’s wrong my dears?
Stand up and give three cheers,
Put up a smile, beam with radiance
Create a positive aura, a happy ambience
And see the world with different eyes
No more tears, no more sighs
But with faith in God, confidence and grit
Challenges, struggles and sorrows we will hit
Standing tall like soldiers in the LIFE’S BATTLE
We will not collapse but prove our mettle.

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