Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist, Shivam Gupta,


​A long 'C' track,
One sideways, are the beautiful roads engaged with cars I only dreamt of
And the Other way down, is the admirable seashore loaded with peaceful streams
And in between
Cold Air blowing with layers,
I was vacillating to stay on track or
to move down the stones to water,
In this indecisiveness,
Something was there to attract me
Was it that normal water?
Producing sweet redolence like strong alcohol,or
Was it simple streams?
Adding new layers to my faintness,or
Was it your face?
Painted on every stones kept over there,or
Was it that queen's necklace?
Saying me to go down and
Drown into your deep alcoholic eyes.
That day,
Staying by the shore whole night,
Staring at you in stones where you weren't anymore..

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