Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist, Shivika Aggrawal,

Marriage- A Conscious Choice Or Compulsion?
She got twenty two and there was responsibility on her parents to get her married
To a boy who could take care of her
This idea of marriage for her was still a blur
She was asked to lose weight, apply face packs that could make her fairer and learn to cook delicacies
A life after marriage was narrated to her like that of a world of fairies
She wanted to work for bigger goals, live her own dreams on her own terms and go ahead in life
But because she has crossed her eligible age of marriage she was preached how to be a good wife
She wasn’t told that in one or two years she will be asked to have a baby
She will not be treated as a girl, but will be expected to behave, to be mature as a woman and grow up as a lady
I am not saying that one shouldn’t marry
But making it a compulsion often makes marriage a heavy baggage to carry

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