Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist Diksha Sachdeva


Is the purpose of life what we want to do with it?
Or is it some planned route designed for us?
I ate some bread pizza and thought to myself.
Do we really have to make so much fuss?
I dream of a Ferrari and you dream of an Audi.
Does it matter if it is Red, Yellow or Blue?
Sitting down to write a poem is a thought I get.
Writing about life I have got no clue.
What if life was like a swimming pool?
You dive in and there is still chance of coming out alive.
So, before you start feeling blue, look at all the colours.
Coz in this game of life, the fittest will survive.
Hearing the term selfless love, I think of you.
You, that little child in you who still wants to play stapoo.
There are lot of things in this life I would want to do.
Especially if you say something is a taboo.
I'll be quick to fetch the washed clothes when it’s raining.
Not thinking even once about me and my little boat.
There would never be enough life in your life.
If the only thing you want to do is gloat.
We need to be loners in the big scheme of things.
Brave, willing to fight just like a Lion.
Its ok not to switch off the motor and let the water overflow.
Just remember one thing, not to stop trying.
So, coming to an end of this so-called life.
I would want to make an exit.
So, if you are out of luck and are stuck.
Don’t look around coz no one gives if someone begs it.

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