Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Shortlist Devika Dhond

Spices of A Spouse

Tangy tomato, heady tongue
Repelling, incessant tow
Hot sweet, chilly meringue
Love for brawl, brawl for love

Culture, mixture, grounded
Suspended diphase, homemade
Green, orange, white, off shade
Vain unaided, miraculous with aid

Sizzling mustard, Horseradish, sushi
Rampant, pungent, fiery, teary
Sweetened ginger, damage control
Bored, Drilled, Drilled, Bored

Dance, sing, blow, kick
Raw, Taco, Wild, Rooster’s beak
Fused, mingled, unified, whisked
Tossed, swirled, twisted, kissed

Downy, illustrious, melt in the mouth
Fiddles run over the collar
Slimy, turtles, greasy tips
Leaps into the body, lips to hips

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