Saturday 20 February 2016

Poetry 2016 Longlist, Bandana Kar

Germination in The Backstage

 Thick darkness,
 Moon on the other side of the window,
Cadence of the gentle breeze,
Sublime thrill,
Past is being peeled off, layer by layer,
Along with the poisoned faith and betrayed red attire,
Mild palpitation,
Little vibration,
That is all...

But ah! Melody replaces melancholy
And once again my life hums a tune.
All dreams assembled, renovate the broken guitar of my heart,
And measure the magnitude of their existence, stretching both hands,
Past and Present are waging a war within myself
Like waves crashing at the shore.
Life and suffering juxtapose like stanzas in a poem,
And thus, in the back stage germinates my small world
Like a newer note of pathos.

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