Saturday 20 February 2016

Poetry 2016 Longlist, Bhupendra Kumar Dave

My Prayer

I lived as God wished me to be
So whatever I am, let me be

Change not my simple name
Steal not my well earned fame
I fought, made no excuses lame
And won many a strenuous game

Remodel not my fate, let it be
As noble as my deeds
Carve no new faith for me
For mine is of golden seeds
My prayer is simple, dear to me
Not in vain it ever pleads

So whatever I am, let me be
Tarnish not my virtuous deeds

Let my song serve my heart
With pious rhymes of every heart
Let all play their well set part
Breathing a prayer with all their heart

Let all live as God wished them to be
And whatever they are, let them be.

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