Tuesday 1 September 2015

Poetry 2015, Longlist Debdip Maitra

Ode to Poets

Beyond the realms of black & white,
Out there somewhere far over the horizon,
Lie the fields of myriad shades of gray.
Will you meet me out there tonight?
Out there, where dreams & desires collide,
Where possibilities are boundless,
Where gardens bloom & worlds are created,
By the mere power of thought…
Will you run with me tonight?
Out there, in the shadows that lie between dreams & reality,
Where our dreams are still our own,
And reality subject to our desires,
Where worlds collide & rules  break down,
Where thoughts can finally take wings…
Meet me there tonight,
There, where our words shall ring true,
And our poetry comes to life,
Where our dreams walk the earth,
And our thoughts are finally free,
Where the banalities of life are left behind,
Only for an exultation in the joy of living,
Where we can finally run free…
Meet me there, won’t you?
There, on the edge of conscious thought,
Where we can finally shed our masks of self-deception,
And embrace the insanity of our being,
Where the full extent of our hearts can shine through,
All the darkest nooks & corners,
For only there, amidst the grays,
Perhaps you’ll hear the songs of my heart…
So meet me out there, tonight,
And let’s run wild & free,
Run wild, before we lose ourselves,
To this stifling existence.
Run with me, won’t you?

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