Tuesday 1 September 2015

Poetry 2015, Shortlist Devika Dhond

The Sole Souls

Down the roads, in the countryside
Beneath the cerulean skies, around English woods
A flock of sheep ambled like a parade
The shepherd, mobbed by wool and sward
A wand in the hand to congregate the herd
He trailed their path yet man-oeuvred his destination
Amidst them all paced a sheep, unhurried
Deterred by the lush green grasses, unafraid of being battened
It rolled with the swarm, being parcelled to its dorm
Bleating with its folks in an undistinguished tone
Yet the whinge had a concealed impediment
It was Solitude, which spoke out in the speechless
The shepherd let it dislodge and choose its own path
Perhaps he empathised with the sole soul
Or probably it was the same soul, in two natural forms

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