Tuesday 1 September 2015

Poetry 2015, Longlist Debasish Mishra


From a dot to a line....
From a drop to a lake
I progressed, bit by bit.
Cleaving through light and darkness,
Silence and noise,
Colours and blindness,
I inched ahead, rather intrepidly.
I found love and lost
Like a date buried in history
Like a life laid to rest
In the bosom of the grave.
Perfidy and profanity
Impaired my fortitude at times
But I ambled assiduously
Like the army of tiny ants
Continuing the gait
As though it was an inveterate habit.
Slowly I was clutched
In the cobweb of relationships
That entwined me like creepers
Like the myriad wires in a huddled colony.
Huh! Sin, skin, kith and kin…
And a thousand other sordid things
Slowed my pace, challenged my spirits
But I tenaciously continued
Like the restless cloud in the illimitable sky
Stumbling, balancing, standing again
Walking towards the solace of the heart!
Alas the gait came to an end.
Tears and rituals followed profusely
Just to fade with the passage of time
Bringing the world to its unmistakable normalcy.
After all, it was a scripted story --
That started with a dot
And ended with another dot,
A fullstop.

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