Tuesday 1 September 2015

Poetry 2015, Shortlist Anuradha Sowmyanarayan


                                                        Shakespeare’s Bottom is a weaver,
                                                        Spider is a weaver,
                                                        Weaver bird is a weaver
                                                        Nature and God are interwoven for ever.
                                                         Threads are woven into sarees,
Wool is knitted as sweaters,
Bamboo is braided as baskets,
Marvels of creators.
Each strand gets life by a weaver,
Ornate twine blooms from beaver,
Artefacts add more colour in the life,
Outfits get glove fit in the life.
Weavers are bearers; weavers are savers;
Weavers are like busy bees
Hands and fingers toil to give us honey.
God is a weaver with a string
Puppets sing/dance and plait
As the weavers hand do might
Move off, if the string do stop
God can make us hop, drop and stop.

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