Tuesday 1 September 2015

Poetry 2015, Shortlist Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra

Subtle Sublimity

You were like some poetry, brief but intimate,
Like a clandestine hurricane of sorts.
Damaging me from the inside out-
Poetry lies in the nooks and crannies.
But you do not; a covalent contradiction.
Some words cut deeper than sharpened blades
Both of us shrouded in an impregnable blanket of depression,
I couldn’t help myself, let alone save you
So, I let go; sobered up from your addiction;
Suffering from sudden bouts of whimsical cravings
An unputdownable cobweb of thoughts;
Creating a Tyndall effect, set in the backdrop of lasciviousness
Why can’t you be a never-ending poem?
So I can savor you for eternity…

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