Tuesday 1 September 2015

Poetry 2015 Shortlist, Simran Arora


On the damp soil
of the capital,
wet and praise-worthy,
water droplets meet
its long lost lover.

Paper boats sailing,
with dreamy childhood
of chirpy children
on board.

Splash of water,
Play of lives,
Missed feelings
of affection and ambrosia
in the words of wanderers.
The wash
feels the coffin,
in the graveyard,
underneath the
pretty, homely earth,
of a dead,
decomposed someone
wishing to sail the
boats of his dreams.

On a wintery night,
With rain and rainbow
greeting us, can we stop by?
For a moment,
Remove our chapals and
embrace the raw land?
For a moment,
let our mask wash away
and candidly live our beautiful life?

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