Saturday 10 August 2013

Poetry 2013 Shortlist, Chandrika Krishnan

If Only

If only I had changed your nappy
Instead of your nanny;
If only I had been at your teething
Instead of your granny;
If only I had kissed your tears away,
Instead of being away,
If only I had been with you,
Instead of chasing a mirage of Money!
If only I had been at your annual function,
If only I had been at your graduation.
If only I had shared in your success,
Instead of thinking success was Money!
Oh! Son I was miles away at all your milestone,
If only I could turn back the clock,
If only I was given one more chance,
I would have been there for all your wants,
My only question is son,
When I missed so much of your life,
Why did I not miss your funeral too?

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