Saturday 10 August 2013

Poetry 2013, Most Popular Sayantini Bhattacharya

Terra Incognita

An early-monsoon wind of hope,
Leads me to the greens,
Phoenix’s abode, merry-land.
I be fledged, I be pleased.
I feel elated with everything.
Name-less blossoms here and there,
Blooms to catch me, my soul
Reflects that part of bliss.
Purpled grief, blued twinge, and,
Bit of golden despair retrogress.
The sunlight makes trails gleam.
A secret cul-de-sac opens up,
Ends up with wonder, scepticism,
That where a place unseen yet,
Lied still stealthily, out of reach.
Promptly rises a silhouette,
With a sense of cold-breath.
No shadow it was, a piece of cloud,
Grey in colour and so in hue,
Waiting for a sudden outburst.
Mist comes, mist goes, transient,
Sun plays hide-n-seek,
Gently hovers around me with mirth,
Fills me with heavenly brightness.
My eyes stare astounded.
I am filled with ecstasy,
But my mind displeased,
It’s the time to part,
My embodied soul cries,
I must be here again and again.

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