Saturday 10 August 2013

Poetry 2013 Shortlist, Nisha Kapoor

Ferociouass Voraciouass!
His augustass presenceass meantass lamentass
such an ass!

The bolderattis got infected with fearattis
on hearing his malignant roarattis

They called him the precursorat, of the order worserat
of doom-ville
built on sore sill

Kill kill we all will!
Our augustine presidentine
Mr. FelonyFilleen
with a plannin pristine

"You go forrst
see his chicken roast
spring in after Prost!"
announced the royal host

"I order some fake water
cause the chicken catches me hotter
you grab the serving platter, flip-flop its batter
behave you are smarter and overtake the cater

Then smash the chickenatti
on the highness' party

His pride vain, will see him slain
Such a simple brain to end disdain"

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