Saturday 10 August 2013

Poetry 2013 Shortlist, Bindu Saxena

Halloween Revellers

First time I heard of Halloween
A child's brain could not process the scene.

Bogeyman mask not the best part
Mouth full of mint candy sounded the lungs fart.

"What did you say about giving out candy?
"Everyone that we know is just giving out candy!"

A festival to honour departed souls,
Soaked in wicked thinking bowls.

Inception dating back to Celtic history,
Trick or treating the capitalist mystery.

Banshee prop, creaking floors, fake spiders,
And slimy green goop splattered sliders.

House decorating, with jack o' lanterns?
Ghoulish cutouts, sinister taverns.

If you human beings have courage,
Live this dark throughout the year.

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