Saturday 10 August 2013

Poetry 2013 Shortlist, Aditya Gupta

I’m Just A Customer
I’m just a Customer, you seller,
I’m forever doomed to BUY.
Have failed to resist the urge for my 25 years,
However hard I did try.
"What?" you ask. Why let me think,
I bought jars and tubes and bottles and tins.
Canned promises of perfection,
Cosmetic absolution from all mortal sins.
White skin, whiter underarms, whitest lies.
Longer lashes, lazier lids, deceitful eyes.
Painted on layer upon layer of colored concealment.
Insulated myself from Ultraviolet Rays and a hollow compliment.


I bought so much more now,
Come to think of it.
Clothes which I outgrew,
Shoes which I just threw,
Plastic flowers which never grew,
Coffee which I’ll never brew,
Canvasses on which I never drew,
Needlepoint even though I can’t sew.
But do you know why I bought them?
Yes, your persuasion helped but there was something else…
I bought them to fill that unfilled void,
Which grows bigger with each thing I buy.
It’s my yawning consumerist chasm,
Won’t be filled, however hard I try.
There never was a price-down on Peace,
Never a sale on Solace.
Never a bargain on Beauty,
Never an offer grand on Grace.
Searched for Love, Friendship, Affection, Happiness,
Amongst many a supermarket shelf.
Found a million temptations,
But lost a little of myself.
My search continues for these priceless treasures,
But for now these respites from reality will do.
I’ll buy all that you have to sell, young lad,
Whom should I make the cheque out to?

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