Saturday 10 August 2013

Poetry 2013 Shortlist, Babita Chakraborty

A Void

I may be right. I may be wrong.
But every time, I've seen a 'void' in your voice.
A sense of emptiness which I've seen and felt,
Even being in the company of others and with friends.
A search to belong; a search for love;
a search for someone who can cross the barrier of self for your love.
An unnamed song for an unnamed feeling,
Which is certainly queer, yet beautiful with its forte?
A desire to have that 'special' relation, which you're uncertain about.
Value your emotions the most, than what the 'so-called' society demand.
Not everyone in this (in) sane world will understand it,

But you've to make a choice between your affection and this double-faced society of beings

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