Sunday 15 July 2012

Poetry 2012 Longlist, Snehal Sharma

Rehab of Everyday

I hang my shoes and sit down to play
you tell me now if I'm old
and if they'll let me get away?

My moments, my dreams, all insipid it seems,
I turn to run away from my being

To be pure like a smile,
to be sure like a child,
to run towards my very own sun,
to stop trying and be someone

To hold and not pose, to sing not an old prose
to fly out beyond the sky, to sketch my own lullaby

I hang out my soul,to leave it to dry
while I enjoy the stroll…

deep down into my being,
to stop and ponder the things I'm seeing,
to shed a tear on that which hurts,
to laugh and cheer my only life,
to dance on the music that's me and I...

I left out a part of me tonight
to hang in silence before it sighs

I run along the longest demure
of wanting to live my life
while I'm still sure...

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