Sunday 15 July 2012

Poetry 2012 Longlist, Sindhuja Mangalwedekar

That Beautiful Woman

Every head turned as she passed by,
And every young man visualized her in his eye.
All the beautiful flowers bowed in shame,
Before that stunningly attractive dame.

Seemingly oblivious of those awestruck stares,
She tossed about her lovely hair.
Even as she flitted on to her destination,
The lady whose beauty deserved a standing ovation.

All of a sudden she stopped in her tracks,
And everything became silent, not a sound, not a crack.
With hands and her eyes she gestured to the people pale,
Till one of them asked her to speak, sure to hear a nightingale.

It was then she sprung upon them a great shock,
She opened her mouth; not a sound, a sigh, a mock?
Echoing the silence around was her face,
Mute? The superficial glances did fade

Who has time to look within?
Oh! wicked fate

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